Solving Citation Networks with Large Language Models

Solving Citation Networks with Large Language Models

The three citation networks cora, citeseer, and pubmed are fundamental and well-known datasets in graph machine learning. In each of those datasets nodes represent papers and two papers are connected if they cite each other. The machine learning task is to predict the area of a paper based on the citation structure and a number of keywords extracted from the abstract of the paper.

In this project, we want to focus on the keywords attached to every node and completely ignore the citation structure. The idea is that modern large language models such as ChatGPT should be able to extract enough information from the abstract alone to correctly predict the area of the paper.

From the technical side, we would like to build upon Facebook’s LLAMA2 or derived models such as Stability AI’s FreeWilly2.


  • Deep learning fundamentals


[1] The (original) Cora Dataset [] [2] Cora Leaderboard [] [3] LLAMA-2 [] [4] FreeWilly2 []


Martin Ritzert

Neural Data Science Group
Institute of Computer Science
University of Goettingen